Docsis X training

Docsis X training

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What will we learn and cover in this training

Globtel’s AIR solutions are fixed wireless systems that can deliver ultrafast broadband with triple-play services. Globtel’s AIR provides a wireless infrastructure connection between the operator and the end-user. For easier understanding, AIR can be seen as physical infrastructure just like the cables in wireline networks. To be able to transport data over a wireline network data transmission technology is needed. In wireline networks, several data transmission technologies like DSL, VDSL, Docsis etc. depending on the type of infrastructure can be used.

AIR at its core is a wireless bridge and does not interfere with the data transmission signal. It can be produced to operate on any frequency from 2 GHz to 100 GHz. It uses Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) to deliver data traffic in each direction. This means that one frequency is used for downstream (from the base station to end-user) and another frequency for upstream (from the user back to the base station). The system can utilize up to 500 MHz for one sector antenna and multiple antennas with different frequency ranges can be used in the same sector. Flexible frequency allocation, ultrafast broadband speeds, and the ability to offer triple-play services make it the best choice for a fixed wireless last-mile solution. With the evolution of data transmission technology also so-called FDX can be used.

Just like in wireline networks a data transmission technology is needed with AIR to deliver broadband access. AIR supports several radio data transmission technologies. You can combine the AIR solution with Docsis or LTE radio data transmission technology. The choice depends on existing infrastructure and market conditions. In this training, we will cover all aspects of the DOCSIS solution in the AIR GIGARAY option.


A Docsis based wireless solution.

Docsis is the abbreviation for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. This is an international telecommunications standard that enables the delivery of high-bandwidth data over RF in cable television (CATV) systems. Docsis standard has come a long way from its inception to the version 3.1 which is the latest evolution of the standard offering broadband speeds that can compete with fiber networks.

4.0 is already in the development phase providing even higher speeds and the possibility of using FDX.

Docsis transmission technology can be used with AIR to achieve the same characteristics as in a cable network. Docsis equipment consists of CMTS (cable modem termination system) as a data transmission platform and cable modems as end-user devices. Globtel Air system acts as a transport layer (physical infrastructure) and connects CMTS with the end user’s cable modem.


Docsis standard version 3.1 is the latest evolution of the standard offering broadband speeds that can compete with fiber networks.

Docsis 3.1 transmission technology combined with AIR results in a state-of-the-art fixed wireless system it can match the performance of fiber networks and state-of-the-art cable networks.

AIR with Docsis 3.1 can be a very competitive solution in areas with high population density and even in well-developed markets demanding high end-user throughputs. It can provide a broadband speed of more than 46 Gbps per base station sector antenna by using 1 GHz of frequency bandwidth.

AIR Docsis 3.1 Maximum base station downlink throughput at 1000 MHz per sector Maximum throughput at end-user – 192 MHz
4096 QAM modulation 46 080 Mbps 2 304 Mbps

Cable operators can easily extend their footprint and seamlessly integrate AIR with Docsis 3.1 in their existing network, OSS/BSS, billing and other systems.  All standard Docsis equipment can be used with AIR and can be purchased from a wide variety of vendors.

Nr. of BS sectors Frequency bandwidth per sector Total IP downstream capacity
1 500 MHz 5 760 Mbps
2 500 MHz 11 520 Mbps
3 500 MHz 17 280 Mbps
4 500 MHz 23 040 Mbps

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