Globtel AIR Gigaray product series, a DOCSIS based Point-to-Multipoint fixed wireless access solution is able to achieve 1 Gbps in the downlink and 500+ Mbps in the uplink per end user unit with very low latency and jitter.

The test was performed in an outdoor scenario around 5.8 kilometers utilizing spectrum at 71 GHz for the downlink and 81 GHz for the uplink.

The setup was powered by Harmonic`s CableOS solution on the headend side and Technicolor TC 4400 cable modem on the customers side.

With the cumulative throughput of 4.7 Gbps in the downlink and 2.7 Gbps on a 90 degree sector antenna the solution has the necessary capacity to support a large number of fixed clients at each wireless node which makes it more than suitable for urban, suburban and rural scenarios.

Globtel AIR Gigaray series was developed for larger deployments or specific scenarios where high throughput per end user are required. As such, it was tailored to most spectrum bands that are allocated for fixed broadband:

10-14 GHz
24-28 GHz
31 GHz
36-38 GHz
46-48 GHz
60 GHz
70-85 GHz

A sneak peak is available HERE.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several deployments were halted but since the connectivity requirements are now higher as ever, first of several new deployments is underway.

A single sector antenna in this case, due to its superior coverage range and planning, has more than 80.000 households in its coverage zone thus making the cost of home passed marginal.

As such, it will give the local operator the opportunity to very quickly start providing the necessary throughput to residential and enterprise clients on a larger scale.

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Earlier this year, in collaboration with Harmonic, we held a webinar on the solution. The recording can be found HERE.

A Spanish version, in cooperation with our key partner for the LATAM region BVS Technology solutions, is available HERE.

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