Globtel, with its market leading fixed wireless access system – AIR, has now perfected its mmWave solution to support frequency bands of up to 100 GHz with unprecedent data capacities, ranges and SLA.

mmWave frequency bands have started to get more and more popular as there is a lot of bandwidth available between 24 GHz and 100 GHz which is considered the mmWave portion of the frequency spectrum.

The reasoning for it is that there is enough spectrum bandwidth available so that modern, state of the art networks can be deployed matching services and broadband speeds offered on conventional, wired networks at a fraction of the cost.

As the demand for broadband grows, the need for multi-technology approach grows at the same rate in order to keep the cost in check. In many instances, bringing fiber to the home simply is not cost efficient and often related to extensive timeframes as permits need to be obtained, cables laid etc.

With a wireless approach, a lot of these factors are eliminated and by utilizing the Globtel AIR mmWave solution broadband speeds of up to 2 Gbps per home or approximately 1.000 users per sector antenna with speeds in the range of 100 Mbps can be achieved.

After supporting spectrum bands between 2 and 42 GHz, many as the industry first, we are now ready to support licensed and unlicensed band up to 100 GHz.

Key advantages of the Globtel AIR Solution are:

  • Up to 5 Gbps of throughput capacity per sector antenna depending on spectrum bandwidth
  • Up to 50 kilometers coverage range depending on selected frequency range
  • Number of users connected limited by throughput only
  • Support of triple play services with the addition of OTT, home security, smart home, ..
  • Multi dwelling/Multi office building served by a single AIR CPE unit
  • Quick roll out – takes less than a day to setup a base station

Case studies of existing deployments in mmWave and mid-band spectrum can be found at:





With unprecedented capacities and ease of use, Globtel AIR is the perfect solution to fill gaps in wired networks or provide state of the art connectivity to remote, rural areas where laying last mile fiber networks simply is not feasible and cost efficient.

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