Right now is the perfect opportunity to disrupt the telecoms market in Africa with Fixed Wireless Access technologies. Fixed wireless is the right technology which could bring high speed broadband to Africa in a very timely manner. The copper infrastructure utilized by a large number of African operators cannot sustain the need for data of today. According to research the big majority of fixed broadband access is being delivered on copper networks.

Due to the fact that copper is as costly to install and maintain as fiber but offers only a fraction of fiber capacity it is being considered as an obsolete technology worldwide. On the other hand,  the cost of deploying fiber is extremely high and more importantly laying fiber is very time consuming, including permits, trenching or pole installation, deals with utility companies where available and so on.

Fixed Wireless Access provides the ideal alternative that eliminates both the high cost of fiber and the deficiencies of copper networks. It can deliver ultrafastbroadband including all  other services that are in a state of the art service provider’s portfolio including but not limited to TV (SD, HD, 4k,..), VoIP, OTT,… As such, it provides the opportunity to significantly increase revenue for providers in the broadband market but also add new revenue streams that are currently out of reach due to outdated infrastructure.

At this point, the fixed broadband market in Africa is worth almost 6 billion USD annually across the continent and growing at about 10% per year. Deploying fixed wireless access technology eliminates the long time to market and very high cost of deploying fiber as a last mile solution.

As opposed to the mobile market that is reaching very high levels of saturation in most African markets, fixed broadband is the next opportunity for revenue for operators of all kinds.

No continent has the availability of spectrum like Africa both in higher, mmWave bands, as well as in other bands like 10 GHz and 12 GHz bands.. Governments are recognizing what the technology can mean for their country and we are experiencing very forthcoming statements when discussing spectrum licenses directly with the regulatory authorities.

Globtel Holding has deployed its game changing AIR solution in Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Liberia with shipments of end to end solutions being prepared as we speak for five other African countries.

We can deploy a base station literally within a day and installing end user equipment takes a very short time both with an insignificant investment in comparison to any other technology while still maintaining fiber like quality of service.

Key characteristics of the AIR solution are:

  • Up to 5.3 Gbps of throughput per 90 degree sector antenna
  • Supporting triple play and any OTT services currently in a providers portfolio
  •  No limit in number of users connected to the base station apart from throughput
  • Large coverage range of up to 50 kilometres per sector antenna

We support various different business models that we would love to discuss together with what our technology can do for you.

For an informal conversation we can be reached at info@air-tv.net or directly with the head of sales at pavle.mikuz@air-tv.net